# Tuesday, 05 August 2008
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Some time ago I received this book for reviewing and now I finally got the time to completely finish reading it. The nice thing about the book is that it covers the data presentation controls from all .NET frameworks (1.x, 2.0 and 3.5). The repeater, datalist, datagrid, gridview and listview are covered. The book itself is less than 250 pages so a quick read when you dedicate the time to it.

The thing I didn't like however was the chapter about list controls. This shouldn't be in a book about data presentation controls. I would've loved to see more about the listview control instead. That particular chapter could also use an update since it still talks about Orcas (the codename of Visual Studio 2008). It would be a great thing if this book would get an upgrade on that chapter and even an extra chapter instead of the list item controls chapter which should never have made it to the book in the first place.

Since I started with ASP.NET in 2002 I've been around for some time with the data presentation controls myself so I didn't really learn much from the book but for people that want to learn more about these controls or are just beginning. The controls from that were introduced during the .NET 2.0 era have quite some coverage so that's good material.

Grz, Kris.