# Thursday, 11 October 2007
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Yesterday I went to the first of 5 sessions for my LEAP course. Taken from the website:

LEAP (Lead Enterprise Architect Program) is meant at complementing the existing skills and experience of aspiring architects with specific architect-level information about Microsoft technology. The acquired knowledge will help the aspiring architect in their day-to-day architectural work.

I found it to be very interesting. Most of the time courses are just sit and listen but this course is all about interaction. First we got some introduction talk and of course a course. Directly afterwards we were divided in groups to think about a possible solution for an architectural problem. After about an hour 2 groups defended their ideas towards each other. The group that I was in almost came out with the same idea like the other group and it was also very alike the approach that Microsoft came up with. I got to know new people, something I always like a lot since I'm not really social challenged. I'm looking forward to the next session already.

Grz, Kris.

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