# Monday, 27 October 2008
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At the PDC a new logo for .NET was introduced:


It looks like a helix shape to me and that reminds me of that other helix shape: DNA. When one says DNA, and who has been around for a while, probably immediately thinks about Microsoft DNA, Windows Distributed interNet Applications Architecture.

Actually the helix is also flipped over an angle of 90° and that reminds me of another story: Flipping the funnel. It’s an eBook by Seth Godin. During my college years I liked my course of marketing a lot. Actually when I remember reading this particular book and how the new logo looks… well it kind of mixed you know. The DNA helixes also got flipped like the funnel into a megaphone. It reflects it perfectly as Microsoft tends to spread .NET where it can: on the server, on the desktop, in the browser, …

Grz, Kris.

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