# Sunday, 08 July 2007

Currently it's still in Beta phase but it sure does look promising to me after seeing this demo video: http://www.powershellanalyzer.com/demos/psaintrowmv.html.

Grz, Kris.

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# Saturday, 19 May 2007

I didn't had much time to play around with PowerShell myself but I noticed yesterday evening that Gill posted about a free eBook on the topic.

It's a small download but is a nice to have if the technology interests you.

Grz, Kris.

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# Tuesday, 20 March 2007

A couple of weeks ago I was looking at creating Windows Vista Sidebar Gadgets based upon the tutorial at MIX university. If you're interested in that and Powershell you might be interested in Powergadgets as well. I just found out about the site but hope to find some free time to explore the goods.

Grz, Kris.

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