# Friday, 27 April 2007

I just read this news: Windows Live Gallery goes 2.0.

Taken from the original blog post:

Now you have one-stop-shopping for all your miniapps; Sidebar Gadgets, Toolbar buttons, Web Gadgets, SideShow Gadgets, as well as appearance properties like Display Pictures, Emoticons, and Messenger Winks.

While some of the areas, like Emoticons and Winks, are not populated yet, the other areas are fully staffed including
all 807 Sidebar Gadgets.

You can visit the gallery directly at http://gallery.live.com/

Grz, Kris.

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# Tuesday, 20 March 2007

A couple of weeks ago I was looking at creating Windows Vista Sidebar Gadgets based upon the tutorial at MIX university. If you're interested in that and Powershell you might be interested in Powergadgets as well. I just found out about the site but hope to find some free time to explore the goods.

Grz, Kris.

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# Saturday, 24 February 2007

I like keyboard shortcuts a lot and use them wherever I can, especially while developing with Visual Studio 2005, so here are some handy shortcuts for Windows Vista:

Windows key + spacebar: Will show the Windows Vista Sidebar. I like this feature and the possibility to create your own gadgets as well. There's also some to be found on CodeProject as well.

Windows key + x: This'll launch the Windows Mobility Center. Very handy when you're using a laptop.

Grz, Kris.

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# Sunday, 18 February 2007

No, this isn't some spam about getting your degree from university for $... This blog post is about the MIX university where you can get handson labs about WPF, Virtual Earth, ASP.NET AJAX or Vista Sidebar Gadgets. Check it out: http://www.visitmix.com/university/

Grz, Kris.

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