# Tuesday, 28 August 2007
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You just got to love this, when you download a starter kit, and run the .vsi file it doesn't only get into the available templates of Visual Studio 2005 but also in the templates of Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2, which I have installed side by side at the moment. When creating a new website, based on such a starter kit, I got to see this dialog:


I was thinking that I needed to copy paste the zip file, which gets created when you use the .vsi file to install, but it just installed on both locations. Great!

Do you have an ASP.NET starter kit that you think that might be interesting for other people? If so please post it on the Announcements forum or you can upload it on this new dedicated site: http://starterkits.org/ which was created by my co-moderator/MVP Curt.

Grz, Kris.

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