# Thursday, 09 November 2006

Well, after a couple of hours a sleep, I went out with some of the collegues (but didn't make it as late as some others ;-)), I decided to attend the following courses:

  • ADO.NET 2.0 tips and tricks:
  • WCF Building secure , reliable and transacted distributed services: okay this session was a bit too deep for me at the moment because I didn't play around with the bits before.
  • Hands on lab: since I couldn't really follow the last session I thought to go out for hands on lab on WCF. Unfortunately it didn't work after typing all that code. Even the "ask the experts" guys couldn't find what went wrong. Too bad but I hope to have some time to install the final bits of .NET 3.0 the next week and play around with the RTM bits.
  • White board discussion about AJAX by Shawn Burke: my first white board discussion and it went pretty well. I was one of the guys asking the most questions about why the betas are using prototypes instead of closures for example. If you're interested: they did it because it performs better and is much easier to debug, especially to hook up debuggers in visual studio.
  • Creating custom activities for WF: interesting session and I really would love to get my hands dirty on this new stuff. The last year and a half I spent my time creating a rules engine for our client with .NET 2.0. Man, why couldn't WF be there in that time frame?? Really it would've made the lives of the team a lot easier.

After the sessions there was time for a country drink sponsored by Microsoft. We were put together with the delegates from Luxembourg and France. The pub could have been better but heck there was sangria, beer and tappas. Also a lot of known faces/collegues to talk to. Our little after party was in the Hard Rock cafe in pretty Barcelona.

Well, that's the wrap up for the second day.

Grz, Kris.

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# Tuesday, 07 November 2006

Our first day is over so I guess it's about time to write something about it.

The keynote was very interesting with several great speakers showing emerging technologies like AJAX, LINQ, Office 2007 with some custom made side panels for Excel. The WPF part of the keynote was like WOW. The AJAX part showed drag & drop behavior and the simplicity of the UpdatePanel for a clothing shop where a customer could drag clothes over a model and via the UpdatePanel it got refreshed without flickering or any noticeable delay. Smooth!

The first session was "Developing rich web applications with AJAX" which was more of a small introduction about the capabilities of the product.

The second session, "Developer and Designer AJAX bliss with Visual Studio and Expression", was kind of a dissapointment for most attendees because the largest part of the session was actually about the new product Expression and only a small part was about AJAX. The session itself can be found here.

The third session, "ASP.NET AJAX, tips & tricks", was a very interesting session, showing that since recently localization is part of the game. The profileservice was shown and how to create your own Extender control.

The fourth session by Kimberly Tripp called "SQL Server 2005 optimizing procedural code", was also interesting. Although I'm not really into SQL Server stuff that deep I did learn some nice commands and optimization stuff that I would like to check out on books online afterwards. If you ever have the chance to see Kimberly give a presentationm just go. She's a very good speaker and really knows her stuff. She's got a dedicated site available: http://www.sqlskills.com/.

Another opportunity for me was to speak with Fredrik Normen, who's also a moderator on the ASP.NET forums like me. Nice to see some people that I've only know from the community in real life.

Grz, Kris.

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# Monday, 06 November 2006

My collegue and I arrived in Barcelona after a flight of about 2 hours. The registration went smoothly and I'm really looking forward to the sessions that'll start tomorrow. The hotel itself, in the center of the city Barcolona, is new since the beginning of this year and is quite comfortable. The internet connection however in the hotel is a bit slow but it can keep up with my typing ;-). The weather is also a lot better than in Belgium so the next thing we'll be doing is to take a peek in what Barcolena has to offer.

Grz, Kris.


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