# Tuesday, 27 December 2011
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Today I’ve spent some time on getting the first pages right for a new site. Since 2006 I’ve only had a blog but no particular pages handy on my site. Due to demand by people I decided to take this part up and already crafted several pages:

Today these are still simple html but I want to switch to a full blown CMS system soon. The one that I have in mind is Orchard.

The pages themselves are made up with some small CSS 3 enhancements and HTML 5 semantics in mind. I based it on the Mango theme people can download for Orchard. Actually I started up WebMatrix, grabbed Orchard from the gallery, set up a site and took the aforementioned Mango theme. Then simply creating a couple of pages and in the browser save these as html. Then took Sublime 2 to change some paths to some scripts. Uploaded and voila, one happy camper Smile.

Grz, Kris.

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