# Monday, 27 February 2017
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Years ago I started github.com/KvdM as a place to fiddle around with code and to try to make pull requests from. For reasons I got sidetracked by work a lot and I didn’t participate much in it. Lately I got more interest, and time, again but I found myself locked out of my github. I turned on 2FA (two factor authentication years ago and noted down the recovery codes. Due to a change a couple of years after that, simply signing in and changing my password, apparently also the backup codes were changed and I didn’t notice (or got notified).

Long story short, I wanted to connect with the app on my phone, didn’t work. Tried again, didn’t work. Contacted support, got the  advice to check the time and date on the phone and try again. Didn’t work. Tried one of the recovery codes, didn’t work (then I found out they were apparently outdated and I didn’t know). Contacting and trying with support didn’t work out as I couldn’t prove that it was me.

So, I ended up creating a new Github account under github.com/KrisvanderMast. Hope to see you there. Already got 2 pull requests of open source projects accepted but that’s worth  a future story.

Bottom line: when you want to make use of 2FA be sure to add your cell phone number, on a regular basis check if your recovery code are still ok (or backup them locally every now and then) or work with SSH keys.

Grz, Kris.

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