# Tuesday, 28 February 2017
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Last week Thursday I did my first presentation in Germany at the Basta! conference in Frankfurt. I had a fully packed room and had a blast. Being one of the few English only sessions kind of made me to believe up front that I would only have a couple of attendees. Luckily for me that didn’t turn out to be the case. Attentive audience and interested in what I had to say and show. I got a good interaction and was able to make the German audience laugh on several occasions. Not sure if that happens a lot but I found it a positive indication.


After the session I also got a question about chatbots as I mentioned it during my presentation that I’m currently working on one at my client (Bing spellchecker, LUIS, Watson). He introduced me to his manager and I had a lengthy talk about the subject with them about chatbots, data privacy, differences for freelancers/organizations between Germany and Belgium. Later on I saw some of the attendants of my session and asked for some feedback. They liked the session a lot and wanted to install Visual Studio Code and give it a spin. Mission accomplished! All in all I had a blast during Basta!

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