# Saturday, 10 March 2007
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Aah, pure youth sentiment. I bought a couple of weeks ago the first season, and watched it of course, of Buck Rogers in the 25th century. The graphics look pretty old to nowadays standards of course, like most of those old sci-fi series, but I still like the concept: an American astronaut that gets frozen while in deep space and awakens after 500 years and find his home planet Earth changed quite a bit after the holocaust.

Part of the success of the series was probably due to the actors, ladiesman Buck Rogers played by Gil Gerard, Wilma Deering played by Erin Gray and Princess Ardala played by Pamely Hensley.

I don't remember correctly if it was this serie or Battlestar Galactica that I could read by myself. Let me explain that a bit because some of my English speaking friends found this odd. In Belgium, where I live, foreign series/movies are only seldom dubbed to Dutch. This means that we get the chance to hear quite a lot of different languages on television while the translation is shown as subtext. I also remember that before I could read an American comedy was quite famous around here: Arnold. The star actor from that serie also played in 2 episodes of Buck Rogers. I couldn't read at that time so my dad had to read them for me. I guess the urge to learn to read certainly had something to do with understanding myself what was being said in those great series.

Some pictures:

Buck Rogers with his ambuquad Twiki:

Wilma Deering:

Princess Ardala:


Grz, Kris.

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