# Saturday, 01 January 2011
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People tend to write things down after events and in the mean time like to write down what they hope or expect in the future. I’m no exception on that part so here goes:



2010 was certainly an exciting year for travelling. I went to several places I’ve never been before or heard about before. Others were places I wanted to visit since I was kid:

  • USA: I went first to the MVP summit in Washington state, then took the plane to Arizona and with a big hired SUV Kurt Claeys (a former colleague of mine) toured around in several states (Arizone, Utah, Nevada, California). We visited the Grand canyon, Monument valley, Antelope canyon, Bryce canyon, Zion and from Las Vegas we also visited Death valley and the Hoover dam. It was quite a great trip though sometimes pretty cold (-20°C) but we had fun and great views. Definitely a great trip!
  • Lebanon: this was certainly a revelation to me. A country with rich culture, ancient buildings, tasty food (I got introduced to the traditional food of the country from day 1 by my friends and was very fond of the tabbouleh, knefeh and the zaatar w jebneh). The places that impressed me were certainly Baalbeck and the Jeita grottos. I was amazed to see how modern Beirut itself was. Certainly worth more visits in the future as I met quite a lot of very nice people I would like to see again.
  • Turkey: Ah, some well deserved vacation. Well vacation, our vacation was so immensely stuffed with things to do and to see that we hardly got time to sleep or to relax. It was a great vacation though especially the jeep safari.
  • France: Paris… As I recently got to hear from a guy presenting: it’s at the end of the parking to the right when you come from Antwerp… Well a parking that took me like 4 hours driving but it was certainly worth the effort. A couple of my best friends moved there so I got my personal city guides in this beautiful city which, I know it sounds strange, never visited before.


Even though I got very busy due to work I like to keep connected with my friends, even though they live far away from home. In 2010 I also got to know a lot of new people whom I hope to see again soon in the future. Especially in Lebanon I got to know a lot of interesting people.

Presentations, courses, community work and user groups

2010 sure was an exciting time for me. I gave the following presentations:

During the year I also gave several courses for Ordina, the company I work for:

  • Programming in ASP.NET 2.0 and 3.5 and ajax
  • Creating custom controls in ASP.NET
  • Hands on guide to best practices in ASP.NET
  • SAP integration via WCF in .NET applications

I’ve been around since July first 2002 on the ASP.NET forums and still continue to date to try to give help to others in need being both an answerer and moderator. Also this year I started out on stackoverflow, another vibrant community site for technical questions.

I also got renewed in April as an MVP for ASP.NET. An award of which I’m very proud.

In September I also became one of the board members of Azug, the Belgian Windows Azure User Group.


There are quite a lot of things that I’ve planned for the coming year and if all come true then some big life changing events are to be expected. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you up to date when the time’s right.

Personally I already lost 5 kg since August and I hope to continue a further loss on that part. I also plan to go sporting more during the week as well. I hope to travel again and see more of my friends at the same time. I also wish to give even more presentations and courses as I like to do them a lot. I’ll stay close to the community and you’ll mostly see me as usual at technical sessions. Either giving them or listening and learning from others.

Furthermore I wish everyone the best of health and love for the coming year.

Grz, Kris.

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