# Monday, 01 January 2007
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May this year be the one where your dreams/wishes come true and that you can share them with the ones you love. May you find happiness in your jobs and if you don't have a job that you may find one that makes you happy. I hope that the politicians will finally have the guts to see that they're not doing so great as they say they are and will do something about it. I also hope that 2007 won't be dominated by bad news: war, sickness, murder, hate, racism and that the news will bring some more positive news like science found a cure against cancer, coldfusion will become a fact, new plants that can survive in the desert and produce a lot of fruit so people don't have to starve anymore from hunger.

For myself: I hope I may find a nice house/appartment that I can buy and go live on my own and that I may become better at playing badminton.

Happy 2007!!

Grz, Kris.

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