# Sunday, May 27, 2012
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Since 2006 my blog was running on the servers of webhost4life and for years I’ve been a happy camper over there. During the last year I started noticing and hearing from friends and visitors that there were errors being spawned which were related due to some application pool being too busy or perhaps some other process that took everything down. It only took a short notification to the helpful support team to get it back on track.

However, since 2006 we haven’t been standing still and .NET also advanced. I’ve become more interested in newer CMS systems like Orchard and as such wanted to upgrade my dasBlog driven blog to that. The only thing that prevented me was that .NET 4.0 was not installed on the server and apparently there was no planning to upgrade to that specific framework version.

So, I decided to look around a bit and heard some good comments about Orcsweb. I decided to move there, and currently it’s still my dasBlog running the show, and have been a happy camper over here now since a couple of days. Support is good and the servers seem fast so far. I do hope to upgrade to Orchard soon so stay tuned. Why Orchard? Well I like the system, the speed of which things are progressing for the platform and I know some of the core developers as I had the chance to talk with them at the latest MVP summit.

Grz, Kris.

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