# Thursday, October 04, 2012
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Yesterday Microsoft celebrated the launch of Windows Server 2012 at a dedicated event. Besides the WS2012 track there was also a great Windows Azure tracks, http://www.microsoft.com/belux/technet/demo-azure/, where I was one of the speakers. The presentation I talked about was Windows Azure Web Sites. One of the new features on the Windows Azure platform that I like a lot as it makes it super easy to deploy all kinds of web related technologies onto like classic ASP, ASP.NET based sites, PHP and node.js. I created professional websites with the first three environments and am now looking into node.js as well.

The topics I talked about were the following:

  • Setting up Wordpress with ease with a MySQL backed database through the portal
  • Deployment via FTP (classic ASP), Git (node.js) and Web Deploy via WebMatrix 2 (node.js based site on the Express template)
  • Publishing via Visual Studio 2012. Starting from a empty ASP.NET MVC 4, adding a Presentation model, making use of the Nuget packages EntityFramework and MvcScaffolding. Then creating a nice website, scaffolded, publishing it with EF migrations turned on so that the database gets generated in the linked SQL Database. Then updating the model, rescaffolding the views and updating the database and then again a redeploy.
  • Scaling. An important part as it can have significant meaning of capabilities
  • Pricing. I showed off a nice comparison between the different modes: Free, Shared and Reserved and what potential implications it might have on cost and how to save money with doing some calculations.
  • Architecture. Windows Azure Web Sites or short WAWS is a great piece of technology which is built on top of Windows Azure components which have been around for quite some time now. Abstracting away parts might give a bit less flexibility but one simply gets a lot for that in return so that one can get things up and running very easily and fast as well.
  • Questions and Answers.

If you want to take a look at the slide deck then download it from here: http://www.krisvandermast.com/downloads.html. Or watch it on Slideshare:

Also be sure to check out the blogs of other speakers like Kristof Rennen and Mike Martin. Both two homies of AZUG as well.

Me in action:

Kris van der Mast presenting about Windows Azure Web Sites

Grz, Kris.