# Monday, 02 April 2007
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Soon, at MIX 07, WPF/e will be renamed as we were told last week by Jeff Prosise at Dev Days Belgium. Would be great because all too often people think it's the same as WPF, which it's not. WPF/e is a browser plugin, and Microsoft plans to have it available for different browsers and different OS'es. I've even heard/read somewhere that it'll also become available on mobile phones, pda's, ...

Why do I think that WPF/e, or the soon to be renamed version, will become a hit? GAMES! I got to know Flash several years ago, when it was still version 3, and I had to design a website for one of the parties I and a couple of friends organised (back in 1998). It became silently more and more popular, especially when it wasn't only timelines and stuff anymore but became a rich environment a developer could program with Actionscript. Especially games made it popular. Heck, even my mother likes to play those flash games online.

Ok, enough babbling from my side, get the plugin, and get gaming: 

Grz, Kris.

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